Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cookie Dough Spring Pretzel Bites

I continue to be "addicted" with a new 

I really like her easy to follow instructions
and wide range of fun treats. 

I have never made a treat using safe
cookie dough and have wanted too for some time. 
Knowing Sophia Rose LOVES cookie dough
as all the motivation I needed to put these together.

They were VERY easy and really oh so yummy. 
Sophia was able to help with all the steps which
really made this a great project. 
I liked the fact it was no-bake!

They are very rich but leave you with that,
"I want just one more....." feeling! HA. 

To find the easy recipe click HERE.
I added some pretty sprinkles in honor of 
Spring trying to break through. 

Have a great week! 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cake Batter Oreo Cookies

Hello long lost blogland friends!

I got the bug to bake this week.
 It was a welcomed feeling. 

I found these pretty and yummy sounding
cookies at Sally's Baking Addiction

The link to the recipe can be found HERE

Sophia & I made these and they were 
AWESOME in every single way. 

Oreo Cake Batter Cookies

The sprinkles in the cookies made them just
that much more fun and pretty too. 

I highly suggest you make these surprisingly
easy & tasty cookies this weekend! 

You won't regret it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Cupcakes

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Cupcakes

I haven't posted for a long time and thought these were worth sharing. I honestly can't recall if I ever posted these last year when I made them but even if I did, they are worth the repeat - so cute! 

These were so much fun to make!

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sports Themed Cupcakes

Sports Themed Cupcakes

I pulled these out of the archives 
recently and since it has been like two years
from FOREVER since I shared something I
thought these would be fun to put out there. 

I really had a great time making these
for a little boy's birthday - obviously he is a sports fan!!

I made them using fondant and
various paper printables. 

Shoot some hoops!

Batter up! 

I used my edible printer to make the hockey image. 

He could go all the way!!!!!!!!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lilly Oncology - Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Words

I saw this most beautiful picture created by a cancer patient in the Lilly Oncology - Oncology on Canvas book. 
This book was given to my Mother-in-Law who was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. The book is something amazing. 

This picture and statement by the artist, grabbed my heart.   

Tilted: No Words
Written by the artist: 
"I was 21 when cancer disrupted by life. I was in college, in love and unstoppable. But in the months that followed my diagnosis and treatment, I lost my hair, my invincibility and the boy I thought I would marry. I held on to the hope that I would pick up the pieces of myself when it was all over. But I couldn't. I kept my cancer a secret. Ultimately, I realized I needed to tell my story and wrote it all down, 150 pages later, I found I had finally untangled myself from cancer's grip. I said goodbye; goodbye past, goodbye pain, goodbye cancer. I've won and that means that you lose. I am finally free!"

I had to share it here because I think I could have wrote
the exact same words when I was diagnosed.  

It just reached off the page and touched my soul.  
I want to save this forever. 

Sometimes other people say it best. 

I am still looking to untangle myself, and now my 
sweet Mother-in-Law.....and I won't give up
until we are all finally free. 

Lilly Oncology - Oncology on Canvas is a national art competition and exhibition honoring the journey of those affected by cancer both as patient, survivor, family or health care provider. 
Quite Beautiful. 

Here is a link: Lily Oncology

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peek-A-Boo Easter Cookies

Hello Friends, Happy Easter!

I know I have been a little "MIA" lately,
I can't belive how busy life is lately...but AWESOME.

We had a GREAT time in many amazing
memories and experiences. 

I am super busy planning the second annual Gala
for my daughter's catholic school.
The event is May 3rd and it has been a LOT of work!
However, today we took some time and made these cuties:

I have wanted to make these sweet little cookies I 
saw on Meaghan's blog, The Decorated Cookie 
since last year...they are so sweet looking!

I used a crusting buttercream....super easy, quick and so cute.
Check out her blog for the how to: HERE!           



Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ski Themed Cupcake Toppers & A Lesson In Courage

On Friday we set off for an amazing adventure
to Alaska with some wonderful, good friends. 


We are very excited!

I am writing this blog post as a tribute to someone
that I have watched these past few months do
some pretty amazing things...........

She got an early Birthday Gift this weekend....her Ski Team Jacket!

Yep, that is my girl. My Sophia!
She is a Ski Racer.

In November, I can honestly say she could barely
get off the chair lift. She was falling down the green hills
every few minutes and she was pretty frustrated. 

This was her FIRST trip up the chair lift in November...her 3rd time on skies in her WHOLE LIFE!

But that girl has spunk. 

She has spirit. 

And NOTHING gets the best of this girl. 

So...she hung in there. And fought for what she wanted. 
She leaned on some great friends for support. Because that is
what a true friend does....lifts you up when you need to lean. 

She decided to join the "D-Team" which is the downhill
ski racing team. Her Dad and I didn't doubt for one minute
she could do whatever she wanted. She has the best spirit. 

Well...let me tell you something. This girl went from falling down
the green hills to RACING down the black diamonds. 


And she kept a WINNING attitude. 
She got up when she fell. 
She smiled

Sophia Rose, you have NO idea how proud
your Dad and I are of your strength and courage.
  You can truly do anything.   
We love you so much!!!

Here is Sophia at the Championship race doing
the Giant Slalom Course on the LEFT
 at her personal best time of the season.  

So it is so fitting that we end the ski season with the most
amazing trip of a lifetime, to go ski the slopes in ALASKA!
To take a day and go dog sledding!
To laugh with good friends!
Relax and enjoy life! will be her birthday while we are there. 

Sophia gave herself the best present ever this year.
It did not cost us one dime.....(well excluding her ski gear :)
It did not come wrapped in a shiny package.

It came wrapped as COURAGE.